The LTNA acronym stands for “Lebronze Tuffaloy North America” and emphasizes the partnership forged between two companies, each with over 75 years of experience in the resistance welding industry. The company was formed in October of 2015 as part of a strategic initiative between Lebronze Alloys SAS and Tuffaloy Products, Inc. to provide the high quality resistance welding caps made to the North American market.

Lebronze Alloys is an established, vertically integrated European supplier of high quality resistance welding caps and resistance welding raw materials. Tuffaloy Products is an established manufacturer of resistance welding consumables servicing the North American markets. Together the companies have established, LTNA to provide resistance welding caps manufactured in the United States utilizing the superior metallurgical capabilities of Lebronze.

The partnership creates the only vertically integrated resistance cap supplier, physically located in the North America.

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WELDING SOLUTIONS Electrodes Materials Brochure

WELDING SOLUTIONS Electrodes Materials Brochure