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Resistance Welding Products, LTD.

Resistance Welding Products

Resistance Welding Products has been in business for over 36 years. We have developed from a small two-man operation that began in Troy, Ontario, into an expanding corporation serving customers all around the world.

AdaptorsToday, in addition to welding cables, we offer a large inventory of products (including: electrodes, inserts, washers, caps, adapters, holders, bushings, pins, weld arms, water tubes, buss bars, weld wheels, cables, shunts, and forgings) and materials (including: copper alloys, brass, bronze, micarta and nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel). We also provide a complete line of transformers, including major or minor repair services. For those special requirements, our custom design machine shop can provide customized work to any specifications.

"Service" many of the Resistance Welding Products customers say, is the most important thing the company has to offer aside from its quality products. Orders are received, processed and dispatched in many cases within 24 hours of receipt. Daily pick-ups and delivery between Toronto and southern Michigan are also available on short notice.

The company image and standards of workmanship are reflected in our work. We provide our customers with the top quality products and efficient service they have come to expect over the years. Our future growth depends on our ability to respond to customer demands and every effort will be made to ensure those demands are met.

Resistance Welding Products, LTD.
9720 Middle Line
Blenheim, Ontario
(800) 265-5262

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