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High Accuracy Weld Force Gauges


High Accuracy Weld Force Gauges

Tuffaloy supplies a broad range of weld force gauges, available with accuracies from 0.5% for Digital-Electronic gauges; to 2% accuracy for the Digital-Hydraulic which has a digital output driven by hydraulics; to our Standard Hydraulic models with 2%-3% accuracy. All are available in English and metric readouts.

DLC Digital-Electric Weld Force Gauge

DLC GaugeAffordable high accuracy gauge with large LCD display. All models have field selectable units in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), newtons (N) and kilonewtons (kN). High Strength, spring mounted load cell features 150% overload capacity, a large landing pad for electrode pinch point and requires electrode gap of only 9/16”. Full 5 Digit large LCD Display is environmentally sealed for rugged applications and comes standard with Peak Hold Feature.

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Digital-Electronic Weld Force Probe

Digital Electronic Weld ProbeOur premium Digital-Electronic gauge supplies the highest accuracy (0.5% for 95% of the gauges range). Field selectable units for both pounds (lb) and kilograms (kg). The gauge has large LCD readouts with peak-hold capabilities. All functions are electronic which prevents variations caused by flexing.



Digital-Hydraulic Weld Force Gauge

Digital HydraulicThe Digital-Hydraulic delivers better accuracy than standard hydraulic gauges but at a lower price than all-digital models. The unit of measure is field selectable between pounds (lb), kilograms (kg) and newtons (N). The peak-hold feature allows for reading variable forces, which are common in resistance welding machinery. Gauges maintain an accuracy of 2% for 30% to 90% of the gauge’s range.



Analog-Hydraulic Weld Force Gauge

Analog HydraulicTuffaloy’s Analog-Hydraulic gauges are the low cost method for obtaining general force measurements. These gauges are available in a standard block style, with extensions. Sizes range from 600 pounds (lb) up to 10 tons (tn) with accuracy of 2% at the mean and 3% outside of mean for 70% of the gauge’s range.




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