Custom Parts

In addition to our standard products, Tuffaloy has the capability and experience to design and manufacture any resistance welding electrode, electrode holder or other custom component on resistance welding machines. Our experienced engineering team is readily available to assist you in the design and development of custom consumables to improve productivity and weld quality.

Projects we have worked on with customers are:

  • Increasing electrode life
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Redesign of electrode tooling to reduce cost
  • Weld schedule development


If it is a component of a resistance welding machine or weld gun, we have the capability and experience to manufacture it!

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Tuffaloy Custom Parts

We design and manufacture:

 Cap Electrodes Shank Electrodes Double Bend Electrodes
 Threaded Electrodes Electrode Adapters Button Electrodes
 Stud Welding Electrodes Nut Welding Electrodes GH Heads
Back Up Electrodes  Spade Electrodes Upper Electrodes
Refactory Faced Electrodes  Micro-welding Electrodes Seam Welding Wheels
 Offset Holders Straight Holders Platen Mount Holders
Tee Connectors Bent Adapters Cap Adapters
Weld Arms Aluminum Weld Arms Shunts
Weld Cables Water Tubes Projection Welding Holders
Busbars Weld Gun Components Custom Electrode Holders

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