F-1716 TIP

F-1716 TIP

Part #: 141-1716

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Straight tips are durable and long lasting making them a good choice for use with any standard rocker arm, press type or bench mounted machine. The deep water hole ensures proper cooling of the weld face. They are a great choice for a job shop that run many different products on the same machines.

RMWA Class 1 (C15000) material - a copper zirconium material recommended for spot welding coated materials and highly conductive materials such as aluminum, magnesium alloys, brass and bronze.

  • The overall length is 4.00 IN
  • The outside diameter is 0.875 IN
  • The part mounts via a 7RW standard taper which is suitable for weld forces ranging between 2,000 to 2,400 pounds of force.
  • The F nose or Radius face tip is typically used for alumium welding because it provides point contact to break through the aluminum oxide layer on the surface while still providing an adequate weldface to manage the current density during welding.
  • The weld face is 6 inch radius

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RWMA Material Type RWMA Class 1 - C15000
RWMA Taper 7RW
Nose Type F
Overall Length 4.00000
Outer Diameter 0.87500
Welding Face Dia. 6 inch radius
Water Hole Dia. 0.50000
Water Hole Depth 3.250
Unit of Measure IN