Tuffaloy TUFF PM Base

Tuffaloy’s TUFF BASE series of electrode holders are designed for use with GH Head style weld heads. The TUFF BASE can be used in both Nut and Stud welding applications. The platen mount (PM) design is typically used on a a press welder or custom welder.

The benefits of the TUFF BASE series are:

  • Water cooling channels to cool the weld head and extend electrode life
  • Inlet airport for blowing air through the part to prevent slag build up
  • Low Maintenance design

The TUFF PM base includes a return spring and a cup for holding a weld pin. EVOLUTIONTM GH Heads and SS Weld Pins are sold separately.

PartDescription RWMA Material Type Mounting Taper or Adapter Engagement Body Height Base Length Base Width Base Thickness
B-4-PM RWMA Class 2 Bolts 1 1/8 - 12 2.62500 2.38 1.50000 0.75
B-3-PM RWMA Class 2 Bolts 7/8 - 14 2.62500 2.38 1.50000 0.75
B-2-PM RWMA Class 2 Bolts 5/8 - 18 2.62500 2.38 1.50000 0.75
B-4-PM B-3-PM B-2-PM

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