FA-15212-16 BENT TIP

FA-15212-16 BENT TIP

Part #: 165-1400

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Standard Double Bend Electrodes are an economic solution to weld in a tight area or hard to reach area such as a flange or corner. This part has water cooling all the way to the nose which may enable them outlast cast or forged tips with a similar geometry.

RMWA Class 1 (C15000) material - a copper zirconium material recommended for spot welding coated materials and highly conductive materials such as aluminum, magnesium alloys, brass and bronze.

  • The overall length is 2.75 IN
  • The outside diameter is 0.625 IN
  • The part mounts via a 5RW standard taper which is suitable for weld forces ranging between 800 to 1500 pounds of force.
  • The A nose or Pointed face tip is a general purpose weld face suitable for most spot welding applications.
  • The weld face is 0.25 IN
  • The offset is 1.00 IN

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RWMA Material Type RWMA Class 1 - C15000
RWMA Taper 5RW
Nose Type A
Overall Length 2.75000
Outer Diameter 0.62500
Welding Face Dia. 0.25
Offset 1.0000
Water Hole Dia. 0.28125
Taper to Bend Length 0.8750
Bend to Nose Length 0.8750
Unit of Measure IN