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Helpful Hints

  • Use standard RWMA design electrodes whenever possible. Use the RWMA recommended electrode material for the part being welded. Keep the electrodes aligned normal to the working face. Only use offset electrodes or weld at an angel when nothing else will work.
  • Check the water deflector tubes each time you install electrodes. They should be within one quarter on an inch of the bottom of the water hole of the electrode.
  • Confirm there is water flow from the electrodes, transformer, control and other cooled components before welding.
  • Always use the proper size water hose, if removed check for obstructions that might impede flow.
  • When a set up will not be used for a period of time remove the electrodes from the holders to avoid freezing into the holder due to corrosion.
  • Use fine emery cloth to dress electrode faces. If wear is excessive remove from the machine and dress in lathe or other controlled machine. Dressing electrodes with files is not recommended because alignment and consistency are not possible with this manual method.
  • If the use of a hammer is necessary on resistance welding machine or its components, use rubber, plastic, brass, raw-hide or other soft material. Never use a steel hammer.
  • If a water leak is found repair as soon as possible, or report it to the appropriate maintenance personnel.
  • Check all mechanical connections in the secondary connections. Check all shunts and cables for damage, replace as needed.
  • Perform maintenance to Resistance Welding equipment as outlined in RWMA Bulletin 14.
  • Keep in mind that sparks/expulsion are an indication that something is not right at the weld. It could be current, force, time, alignment and many other factors. Take time, check your set up for variance from the desired settings. Expulsion can be dangerous and could also result in questionable product.

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