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Resistance Welding Dos and Don'ts


  • Use the RWMA recommended electrode material for the job you are running.
  • Use RWMA standard electrodes whenever possible.
  • Use the appropriate electrode diameter for the material being welded.
  • Use open sight drains or have water flow gauges on out bound side to easily confirm water flow.
  • Connect the water inlet hose to the proper holder inlet to insure water flows through the center cooling tube first.
  • Recommended water flow for the electrodes is 1.5 gallons per minute of cold water.
  • Insure that the water tube extends within 0.25" of the bottom of the electrode water hole.
  • Adjust the water tube position when changing to another length electrode.
  • Check water tube ends to insure they are not damaged and have an angled cut at the end to prevent water restriction.
  • Use ejector type holders to simplify electrode removal.
  • Keep the electrode and holder tapers clean to ensure good leak free conduction.
  • Dress electrodes frequently enough to insure good quality product.
  • Use raw-hide or hard rubber hammers for alignment of electrodes.
  • Provide cooling water on the exit side top and bottom of seam welding applications.
  • Use properly designed knurling wheels to insure continuous dressing of the seam welding wheel.
  • Lock out the machine when performing any type of maintenance.


  • Never use unidentified electrodes or materials.
  • Avoid special, offset, or irregular electrodes when the job can be done with standard electrodes.
  • Do not use small electrodes on heavy gauge welding jobs or large electrodes on small gauge materials.
  • Do not forget to turn the water on full force before starting to weld.
  • Never use water hoses that do not fit the water fitting properly.
  • Do not allow water connections to become leaky, clogged or broken.
  • Avoid holders with leaking or deformed tapers.
  • Never use holders that do not have adjustable water deflector tubes.
  • Never use pipe tape or similar product to stop a leak.
  • Do not let your electrode mushroom excessively.
  • Do not dress electrodes with a file.
  • Do not use a steel hammer to adjust any part of a welding machine.
  • Do not permit seam welding wheels to run off the edge of the work piece.
  • Do not enter a work cell or reach into a welder without using your lockout.

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