WA2 for Weld Current MonitoringWA2

For the accurate measurement of weld current, ENTRON offers its second generation weld analyzer, the ENTRON WA2. The rechargeable WA2 gives welding engineers, technicians and operators a convenient tool to measure weld system current for monitoring system conditions, improving process quality and troubleshooting weld schedules to analyze, fault-find and improve process quality on today’s sophisticated welding control systems. Full traceability gives you the confidence in your processes that your customers demand.

DLC Weld Force GaugeDLC Gauge

For the accurate measurement of weld force, Tuffaloy offers its newest gauge – the DLC. This affordable, high accuracy gauge with large LCD display, offers field selectable units in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), newtons (N) and kilonewtons (kN). High Strength, spring mounted load cell features 150% overload capacity, a large landing pad for electrode pinch point and requires electrode gap of only 9/16”. Full 5 Digit large LCD Display is environmentally sealed for rugged applications and comes standard with Peak Hold Feature.