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Case Histories

Case Study 1
A Case History: Projection welding brackets to automotive frame assemblies is twice as fast with an Equa-Press dual tip holder. Lower welding fixture acts as an inspection device, so warped parts are discovered before welding. Inspection time and scrap loss are both reduced.
Case Study 2
A Case History: Joining a piece of metal to itself is always tough. This job was done with an Equa-Press holder - two at a time. Lower clamp faces, carrying current, contact parts near the weld areas to avoid current bypassing weld projections. Two standard swivel tips make four welds, two per part.
Case Study 3
A Case History: Dual spot welding of panelled wall sections reduced welding costs enough to justify buying a welding machine to do the job in-plant. Equa-Press holder with 5-inch spacing, and special (but simple) tooling to provide two offset tip adapters and matching holders were used. Electrodes are standard TUFFCAP caps.
Case Study 4

In this drawing, two studs are projection welded in each welder stroke, using an Equa-Press dual holder over a pair of studwelding electrodes held in PM-style holders.
Case Study 5
Here, four spot welds are made simultaneously on a corrugated part. An Equa-Press dual holder is used to hold two Teeter-Tip dual tip adapters.

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