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Standard Electrodes

standard electrodes_intro

Tuffaloy makes a full line of Standard Electrodes. The sizes range from the full size straight to caps and buttons. All are manufactured from high quality copper alloy bar stock and inspected to stringent specifications to insure that they perform consistently in your welding applications.

electrodesStraight Electrodes are manufactured in all of the standard nose configurations "A, B, C, D, E & F". Alloys offered include Class 1, 2 and 3. This product line is very widely used in the industrial marketplace. They are designed for ease of water cooling and face redressing. Making them a good choice for long life and productivity.

caps and_shanksCap and Shanks are another family of products. They are substituted for the straight electrode. The smaller electrode is designed to be expendable when compared to a straight electrode. They can be dressed but their life will be limited by their size. The shank can be reused many times. They can be purchased in many face styles and materials. Caps are available in both male and female taper styles.

double bendDouble Bend Electrodes are designed to reach those hard to get to locations. They are normally bent with water tubes to insure proper water cooling but are also available without water tubes. Double Bend electrodes are offered in all of the common nose types and materials.

misc tipsMiscellaneous Electrodes of many designs including single bends, cranks, spades and cast electrodes. These electrodes are manufactured to fit that difficult application.

backup electrodesBack Up Electrodes come in round, square, and rectangular shapes. They are available in several copper alloys or faced with refractory metals for more demanding applications. They are used for projection welding and cosmetic weld applications.

threaded electrodesThreaded Electrodes are available in many sizes and nose configurations. The faces include flat, truncated, "C" and "E" noses. Threaded electrodes are easy to change and can handle large forces.

14.123Refractory Metal-Faced Electrodes are another commonly used electrode design. They are used in high heat and force applications where a copper alloy would not be able to hold up. They are also used for heat balancing to improve nugget size or location.

swivel tipsSwivel Faced Electrodes are a very versatile form of back up electrodes. Manufacturing variations and part design sometimes cause work pieces to have variations. Tuffaloy swivels are manufactured to conform to these varying positions of the parts being welded. They come with and without water cooling and head position retention.

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